Joining Campus Asia6 was a huge opportunity for me.

Joining Campus Asia6 was a huge opportunity for me because this project has given me new experiences. learned new things both social issues and global issues. My program is program A, which focuses on education. And this project has participants in many countries. By learning with friends from many countries, we have learned the differences of each culture and with this diversity, make the class has more interesting because the study will focus on discussion, friends from each country will share information of that country that makes us learn and see the differences and similarities in some points. This kind of learning made me to gain knowledge and experience that I had never received before. It’s a very fun and interesting!

The field works organized by the University of Tsukuba are diverse. I have visited many schools and gained knowledge from the various important organizations of Japan. After participating in many fieldworks, the thing that impresses me the most is collaborative work. Whether parents, teachers, and the community. Giving full attention to children to build confidence, build self-esteem in children will make children grow up with quality. This shows that Japan seriously focuses on developing the youth who are the future of the country and solving global issues.

before I joined this project, I was not aware of social issues and global issues much. Because I think that these things are distant and do not think that these issues will happen to ourselves. Until I have learnt in this project. It made me realize that this social and global issue is not far off at all. Which we have to think about how to solve these problems to the extent that we can do it. That is, in the field of education. Thanks to this project to make me aware of social and global issues. I will use the knowledge and experience I have gained from this course to solve problems and develop as much as I can.

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