I learn though many activities as follow

I learn though many activities as follow: (1) Culture festival presentation about educational system from each country. This activity allowed me to learn information from other countries. and opened my educational perspective. (2) Fieldwork about Geography place in Tsukuba such as science museum, Botanical Garden and Fieldwork about school for example, Yachiyo High school , Namase elementary school and Kaichi Nozomi Gakuen School that make me feel a lot of learn from school visit 1) meaningful learning through actual learning, which values experiential learning, 3) Giving importance to activities with parents by spending time together I seen that from Namasae elementary school, and 3) promoting social-emotional learning in school, which support student both physically and mentally is the current issue related what I have learned from the school visit. Additional, Fieldwork at National Institute for Educational Policy Research (NIER) (3) Special lecture from expert, who professional and special subject (4) Participating in seminar with professor’s students show preparation for the presentation. After that, professor give suggestions for research development, which taught us that in the seminar. Moreover, Professor lectures in his class about how Japan develops teachers who will become teachers.

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