This project gave me new experiences and I learned new things about social issues and global issues.

Joining Campus Asia6 is a great opportunity for me. This project gave me new experiences and I learned new things about social issues and global issues. The program I studied was Program A, which focused on education. We had classmates from Korea and China, and we learned about cultural differences. In class, there will be an emphasis on discussion. Friends from each country including Thailand will share information about that country, allowing us to learn and see the differences in education in each country.


Not only study in class, there is also fieldwork that allows you to gain knowledge from important organizations in Japan, especially by visiting schools. This experience of traveling abroad made me realize that social and world problems are not far away at all. I will use the knowledge and experience I gain from this program to be a part of solving as many educational problems as possible.


Through nearly 3 months of studying abroad, I was able to more concretely shape the direction of my research, which had been ambiguous until now. Of course, I had a research topic that I had done before studying abroad. But what I learned and experienced during my study abroad helped me clearly see where my interests lay. And what I experience and learn from this study abroad program will definitely benefit my future life.


I would like to thank you all the teachers for provided knowledge and guidance. Thank you to all my classmates for kindness. and for always helping each other. Thank you to the tutors for your help and support. And thank you for coordinators in Japan, for being considerate, and kind and helping me throughout the project. I feel like it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Thank you very much.

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