The opportunity to participate in Campus Asia 6 is an opportunity to challenge, move out of my comfort zone, and self-development.

The opportunity to participate in Campus Asia 6 is an opportunity to challenge, move out of my comfort zone, and self-development. Since the application, interview, preparing to join the program, exchange student at the University of Tsukuba, and final presentation. Especially the opportunity to participate in mathematics seminars of professors. The seminars remind me to be active and intend to learn.


The program includes the following courses: program A is (1) Special seminar for problem-solving A and (2) Research on education (Issuse I, II, and III). Student exchange meeting (SEM) for all students in the program to share their experiences. The program covers classwork, fieldwork, presentations, and discussions. In classwork, we learned philosophy, principles, and basic information related to global issues and education, and raised questions to prepare for fieldwork. Moreover, we have the area to share and discuss the perspectives of other countries. For example, policy, curriculum, classroom, activity in school, and experience of each student in school.


In addition, we visited the Tsukuba City Board of Education, Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute (FFPRI), and the National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES). Every place is important for education and research. Moreover, I also had the opportunity to visit elementary, middle, and high schools. I’m very impressed with the school visit. I go to a lot of schools: Fujishiro High School, Kasuga Gakuen School, and Kaichi Nozomi Elementary School.


Furthermore, we have spent time on a fieldwork tour. We went to Mt. Tsukuba and JAXA. We have lunch together at the restaurant of university and activities on Christmas day. I have a lot of new friends from Campus Asia 6. My friends are very kind and so cute. I learned from my friends through ideas, activities, and discussions. Every event at Tsukuba is a good memory for me.


Campus Asia 6 changed my perspective on the global issue, learning, and development of education. Every issue is related and connected. The activities in the classroom are designed according to the school curriculum and linked to the core curriculum. Focuses on providing opportunities for students to learn on their own and learn through direct experiences that can be linked to outside the classroom. I think this is an important point that I will incorporate into my classroom.

Thank you, professors, coordinators, Jasso scholarship, students in the program including my tutor and student who joined the activity. Thank you so much for taking care and giving us good experiences and memories.

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