They gave more courage toward the future.

I saw the call of CA6 from the media website of ECNU. In the first year of my master’s study, I spend a class with CA6 students. I always wanted to study abroad, so I chose to participate in this program. Besides, I major in Education policy, and when I read the introduction of CA6, I knew this connected to my major tightly.


In this program, I learned the knowledge of career education from the fieldwork and discussed my thoughts with professors. This topic is highly related to my living situation, and I decided to work on it in future research, for example, my graduation thesis focuses on Chinese career education policy. I am so regretful that I did not learn Japanese seriously. Because I want to apply for a Ph.D. in the field of career education at UT. However, it is my great honor to know all the wisdom and gentle professors, I hope I can still talk with them in future studies.


For my plan, I have two choices. First, I want to apply for the Ph.D. This is my first choice, but it needs a lot of effort and the competition is so fierce. So, I have a plan B, to be a teacher or a staff in the education department. Since I reached career education in Japan, I also used the method to help myself decide my future life. According to my personal experience, I found that I love education and I wanted to devote myself to this field. What’s more, I am good at communicating with others and helping others. Therefore, I believe I am suitable for these two jobs.


In Campus Asia 6, I spent an unforgettable time with students from Korea, Thailand, and Indonesia. Most of them are older than me and have the working experience. From them, I know that there are many possibilities in your life. Before CA6, I was very negative about work. But they let me see how work is in real life. And let me know that you always have a chance and time to start over. They gave more courage toward the future.

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