my peers provided me with great cultural experiences for future study in other countries.

What motivated you to participate in CA6?

A: I would like to learn about education in Asian countries, including what unique educational issues each country has, and what educational policies each country has to learn from. I want to learn from these useful experiences and show some examples of education in China to promote international exchange.


What is the most impressive thing you have learned at the Dispatched University?

A: I was most impressed to learn about immigration education equity in an inclusive and open classroom atmosphere, an area I had never been exposed to before, which greatly broadened my research horizons as well as educational sensibilities.


What you would like to make the most of in your future research or carrier from the experiences of this project?

A: This experience allowed me to accumulate an academic network, including my mentor and many professional teachers, which will be beneficial for future international exchanges and academic collaboration. At the same time, my peers provided me with great cultural experiences for future study in other countries.


What is your future dream or plan?

A: I would pursue a doctorate degree and then become a university teacher and do research in education.


What you learned from spending time with multinational students

A: My peers have strong communication and cross-cultural skills, they are usually good at problem solving and are very rigorous in academic issues. I have also learned about the culture and education system of different countries. We have developed strong friendships with each other.



A: I think that the University of Tsukuba provided me with a very good accommodation and study environment. The coordinators were very friendly to help me solve problems and provided me with career support, which made my study abroad sessions particularly wonderful and fruitful.


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