The CAMPUS-ASIA6 program made me realize the importance of discussion and reflection.

            Before attending this program, my prior knowledge and perspective on globalization was very limited because I never gave much thought to the educational practices or policies that are implemented across the globe. However, a number of fieldworks and seminar classes involving several professors, lecturers, and different speakers on various topics on current issues in education, social and environmental issues, drew my attention to these issues on a worldwide scale. Began with a discussion of political philosophy’s conception of global justice, followed by discussions of climate change and global concerns in different levels of education, including primary and secondary level, and tertiary education that contribute to unfairness in today’s society. The right to an education, equal access to education, including the situation and concerns of refugees and migrants, children’s literacy development, or even how students adjust to the level of diversity in the classroom are a few examples of important challenges in education that educators need to take into account and address.

            My understanding of the principles of global responsibility has grown and expanded with every lesson in the Special Seminar for Problem-Solving A. Every course provided the knowledge and experience needed to understand global issues in every subject area. I found that global issues such as health, environment, finance are all related to education.

            There are many things I have learned through fieldwork experiences and seminar classes, even if there are no easy answers to these global issues. Furthermore, the CAMPUS-ASIA6 program made me realize the importance of discussion and reflection. I acquired the skills of group reflection, question-asking, and gaining deeper understanding from other participants to raise the awareness and share our visions.

            This course reminded me that I wanted to give my students the opportunity to see the world from a different perspective and to provide experiences that would forever change how they see the world.

            Thank you, professors, every lecturer, and our wonderful coordinators. Thank you so much for keeping all of us engaged, learning, and laughing!

Thank you





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