I took a step closer to my goal of living.

I applied for the Campus Asia 6 program because I wanted to broaden my perspective. While working as a teacher, I can see children who were over-exposed to the media had similar words and behaviors. They are more enthusiastic about the idea of setting something as an enemy than the idea of pursuing diversity. Because they can simply be given their identity. Therefore, I wanted to participate in the process of creating an educational policy that values coexistence and diversity. One of my goals is to work in a research-related job at an international organization. However, I had no experience staying abroad for a long time and lacked confidence. Starting with the Campus Asia 6 program, I wanted to take a step closer to my dream. Also, I wanted to create a situation similar to my goal and see if I am suitable for research. I also wanted to get guidance from overseas professors.

Many problems that arise in the global community are related to all countries in the world. In order to solve global problems such as environmental pollution, energy, and food security, workers in various fields must cooperate, identify the causes from various angles, and explore solutions. Therefore, education policies should be established based on an in-depth understanding of existing problems and insight into the future. In addition to my major, I was able to get various information by discussing global issues and the directions that educational policies should pursue with graduate students with various majors.

 The most impressive thing I learned at Tsukuba University was the meticulous guidance of respectful professors. Even in a short lecture of one credit, the professors did their best to prepare for the class. They actively accept students’ opinions, listen to them, reflect on their opinions, and experience creating classes together, not only in intellectual delivery but also respect students personally. I can see the professors’ good intentions in society.

To me, a pleasant and lively life is to live a life that is helpful to society by interacting with people with various backgrounds and thoughts and developing ideas that can be helpful to everyone. During the three months, I stayed at Tsukuba University, I took a step closer to my goal of living. I would like to express my gratitude to the professors, university coordinators, and all the students who participated in the program for spending three valuable months through the program. It’s an honor to be able to participate in this program.

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