I learned a lot about the advantages of Japanese education.

I come from China, ECNU. I am a member of Program A. My major is Management and Economics of Education. The objective of CAMPUS ASIA6 is to train professionals in education policy management who can plan, formulate and implement education policies from a new perspective. For me, this is a very valuable learning opportunity. My major is education management, so my research often focuses on education policy.

I have carefully prepared and participated in various seminars, and summarized and reflected on them after visiting primary schools, secondary schools, and research institutions.

During this time, I learned a lot about the advantages of Japanese education. We visited two Japanese elementary schools, and I was very impressed by Japanese elementary school education and thought that the spirit of elementary school students was very good. I would like to know how students and teachers feel. I also gained a lot of new thinking while visiting other institutions. But, there were no more opportunities for further follow-up. So I suggest that in future projects, we can arrange more interviews and involve Tsukuba students in our activities so that we can ask them about Japanese education.

Hope to pay more attention to global issues and comprehensive education in future life and research. It dose a pleasure to be part of this project.


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