It gives me hope to not give up on becoming a better person.

The reason I go to CampusAsia6 program is because I have a keen interest in the application and development of quantum computation and quantum information technology, particularly in material design and material sciences. When I applied for this exchange program, I was eager to learn more and to visit Prof. Yasuhiro Tokura’s lab at University of Tsukuba. I had discovered that the lab specialized in quantum technology and quantum information, and I was excited to seize this opportunity to gain knowledge and learn more about the lab’s activities and research. Additionally, I am enthusiastic about engaging in activities with people from across Asia and improving my English, research, and communication skills through interaction with them.


The most important thing I have learned at University of Tsukuba is the new environment of learning. The way they learn has deeply affected me in evaluating how I study and conduct research, and how to be confident in myself. I have learned not to be too shy to ask something that I don’t understand, even if it is a simple question.


Then, from the lab, I gained many insights about quantum technology and quantum sciences, and also his insight of ‘write or die,’ meaning we must be very disciplined in writing down our thoughts on paper to make them useful, because we tend to forget if we only think about them in our brains. I gained many perspectives on how to choose my future career, based on my experience in the lab.


Spending time with multinational students has been an enriching experience. Through interaction with students from various countries, I have learned the importance of effective communication. Understanding and respecting each other’s cultures has been integral to building strong relationships and creating a fun atmosphere.


Lastly, going abroad really changed my perspective almost completely. On a personal level, I found myself through reflecting on everything that happened. I still make mistakes, but it gives me hope to not give up on becoming a better person.

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