Exchange Program A (Educational Studies Core)


The core subject of Exchange Program A is educational studies. Students elect to study three or more credits from courses such as Fieldwork Research, Educational Studies Seminar, and Educational Studies Research Methods. By studying these courses, students both gain deeper specialized knowledge regarding educational studies and learn the qualitative research methods of educational studies (interviews, participant observation, etc.) as well as techniques for presenting research results in English. When studying these elective courses, students receive advice from mentor instructors.



As part of the Special Seminar for Problem-Solving, students visit three universities, East China Normal University, Korea National University of Education, and Khon Kaen University. Students determine their specific travel schedules with advice from their mentor instructors.

Scene of the lecture


While studying abroad at partner universities, with a focus on the global issues determined by students themselves, students carry out fieldwork (onsite research including interviews and observation) in the applicable country or region and study the causes of problems from a broad sociological and natural sciences perspective while acquiring deeper understandings of the diversity and complexity of these problems. The concrete details of fieldwork are determined based on advice from mentor instructors at partner universities.

International Student Exchange

In the event that there are restrictions on travel to the area in question or movement within the area due to Covid-19 crisis, the order of travel destinations, the nature of the fieldwork, and the lengths of stay at travel destinations will be determined by closely sharing information with partner universities.
*In the event that it is not possible to perform onsite fieldwork involving actual travel abroad due to Covid-19 crisis-related restrictions, use may be made of virtual fieldwork content created in collaboration with private businesses, and virtual fieldwork may be performed with mentor instructors and participating students from partner universities.


Based upon the information obtained through fieldwork, students investigate the causes of the global issues they have designated and summarize the results in individual reports. These reports are created at the partner universities, East China Normal University, Korea National University of Education, and Khon Kaen University.



Students submit these reports upon returning home.

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